Jon Connor

Jon Connor - The Blackout

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Y’all really think I give a fuck ‘bout half the shit y’all say

Been dodging hate since I was 8, I could do this shit all day

Wanna kick my feet up but the lease up so I’m out this bitch

Soon as that day come when everybody around me rich

Selfish intentions, selfish motives attracted by yourself

And when it don’t be you that mean you gotta watch everybody else

But that’s exhausting, I chose the latter, I just don’t fuck with y’all

So consequently, when I be down I don’t know who the fuck to call

Just give me a minute, don’t own the key to success

Yea, I got this from Cosby

But I know the key to failure is when you try to please everybody

I write this shit to keep you personal

So just keep on playing this song until your stress is gone

I’ll be a shrink to your problems, a shrink ‘til they become extinct

My cousin gone, do I lose sleep over haters?

What the fuck you think? Hell nah

I don’t know what to tell y’all

Except that you create your own destiny

And my passion will never fail y’all

Well yo I’d tell livin’ swell y’all

But I’d be lying if I ain’t sayin’ I went through hell y’all

My tails of fighting demons in brimstone compels all

But I tell the ugly truth about the hood and hopes that it repels y’all

I hope that y’all don’t get the wrong impression of me

I swear I’m trying to use discretion with this aggression homie

What do people want to know my music is to truly know me

My middle finger is reserved for the fake and phony

It is what it is and as long as I’m my mama’s son

I’mma chase my dreams so you

Ain’t gotta count down how long I run

Shit, the eternal yard dash in the finish line

It’s in his mind and I know winning is not far away

But the beginning is trying harder bullshit in this rap game, fuck it

I’mma eat that just as long as

I give that real shit to all my people who need that

And fuck yea I’mma lash out

Without a go never back out

As hard as y’all know that I’mma shine

I guess I just had to blackout, Blackout

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