Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Thats What He Does

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I’m a predator, make it top ten sound regular

10 years ago I was 10 years ahead of them

Read you niggers, I’m the motherfucker carrier

I mean it like the mob when I say I take care of you

Carry you, ass I bury you, break down barriers

Niggers getting fucked up, blown off the track, etcetera

I’m the truth, everything is a lie

Except what I’m telling you

I hear the cheers from ears of engineers

We can end it here thinking you want to interfere

Big dog niggers really getting the fears

I’m the best and my worst critic is in the mirror

How bout that, I spot that

Any nigger with a buzz, I’ma fly swat that

I keep coming like this

Rapper gonna need to ask for they spot on your ipod back

Don’t say shit, bomb any niggers on your playlist

… force can’t play shit basic,

I’ma a live wire, you ever got tangled, dangled, strangled, mangled, ha?

I gotta redefine what great is,

You hear regular shit and you confuse it with greatness

Yeah you a problem, you a female condom

Got me like why they make this

Make hits that will make a nigger eat the … like a sandwich

Run shit in Michigan like Barry Sanders

I’ma come back with a banner

Show time, better get the cameras

Yeah, damn, there’s a lot to say

Look I’m the shit, my accent leave a bad scent

You ain’t the king of the game, you the queen of a …

Back in your lashes

Go against me, you’d rather dirty dance in jail

Lock the charts, man…

Gamble with the devil, you ain’t got a chance to … your life in my hands and nails

Look, I got niggers pullin they hair out,

Smell me, nigger I ain’t letting the air out

You ain’t got drive like mine, your tires is warn

And I’m letting the air out

This ain’t even a fair about

You looking at…

Cause I ain’t never gonna wear out

Hell no they don’t want me to blow

Not when they seen what I do at the show

Now when they know every time that I flow

I leave a trail of dead bodies laying stiff on the floor

They trying to keep me a secret

Knowing I’ma end all this weak shit.

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