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Jon Connor - So Proud Of You lyrics

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Girl make it ass it’s proud of me

Put on the show taking from my nigga that know

She’ll be f*cking niggas at hoes

Every ..just flying up like Marilyn Monroe

Lose like a baby two baby you ain’t wearing baby ..

Feeling like a nigga in the navy

You got a little freak in you that’s she’s telling me

She wants a French kiss my tip man i’m like ..

she bought everything sexual ..bitch named Rachel

Don’t really f*ck with spa but love ..bad luck LA bitch

Had a .. in the bedroom has stables

.. no stables got a touch in the ankles

Like .. in nobody going on kind of ankles

Look she love it every minute that we’re spending when i’m in it

Here spinnin like exorcism when i’m in it

You tell me you aint’ living here .. in the world

We’re just tryin ..get a .. in the whack

No i’m not an asshole

but what you be a whack for

when we was going to the hotel

you ain’t tryin to f*ck and when we come back for look

No you sad, and now you mad

You learn to respect yourself when you ..

That’s on cool i ask on that

We’ve been drinking all night tryin to get passed on that

You go we was going to the room

Take off by shoes, watch cartoon, make animal balloons

We both .. btu i ain’t scoring

What the f*ck am i doing

I run game you’re the next get tested

Watch who you messed with

See time is money and don’t get stuck with the bad investment

No question, i just take it with the great resort

Then if we make into the room nobody came and talk

I’ve just seen many niggas mad taking it lost

But if you think .. she’ll be taking it off

Season 2 on the way

You already know how i get down

I know things get hard because you got it ..

And you’re telling how it’s working ..

Wonder.. what’s on your mind

It must be hard .. ‘cause the ..

Now i can say it

I’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so proud of you

I’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so proud of you

I’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so proud of you

I’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so, i’m so proud of you

So proud of you

..f*ck you boy on twitter.. we’ve been working nigga

We’re working on top of it nigga

I aint’ talking ..

that’s it!

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