Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Show N Off Freestyle lyrics

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We gonna do it like this for those who don't know

aha, yeah, okay, the best in the world, right?

Let's do it!

I'm from where bitches never satisfied

kids got the..ask

'cause monsters getting inside and they hope for their daddy spot

I know your story you hoping in the home broken

and you can only be open with teachers ..

that's best case scenario but other than that

ain't no other way to go in the room and turning up the stereo

you'll be for that real shit a name

well this is real..

we grind hard just to grind harder

wanna be ball us, be the..

when we a carter there's a new beginning

or the same end without change,

we pay attention

now blood on my hands if you getting this spot,

if you feeling what I'm saying that I should put ..

ha ha, should the world in peace to the drama is the war

I'm hear on summer can't crack my armor,

look let's put the rumors to rest

to hear the one of the best nigga

I'm putting..on your chest I like son, the life ..occur by hit a home run,

no stop us first, ..what you've seen in the movies it's ten times worse

every day living.. they got no conscious of my killing nigga,

stealing the nigga, ..don't put fear in it nigga

niggas ain't .. about what they don't feel you,

or what they will do, 'cause niggas they actually kill you

and they actually will shoot you to the point you wanna resolver by talking

but there's nothing you can't do ain't from to pretend street

we ..'cause if he said we had..

cant' pretend it, can't ignore the shit that goes on

so I just report it and it goes on

it's Jon Connor..laughing

people laughing, best in the world

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