Jon Connor

Jon Connor - OnDaSpot Freestyle lyrics

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Dollars make … lose the change

And all you niggers in the hood got a tent to run the block like a lose …

Game slicking ain’t for sport and a bad situation

Like 36 left in a ..and I got you nigger hating me right?

.. all my life I expressed how I felt

You are all scared to speak for yourself..

Like losing my senses I never felt ..half catholic slash rapper..

The only dream is for me to become a bigger star than Patrick

And lately .. is in my vein my blood type is AV

All you niggers that you fantasies it seen to many guns Busta glamorize it

What you’re living? Live what you rap cause my life is .. and I don’t live where you’re at

Talk about bullshit and I don’t been where you are

My ….

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