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Jon Connor - Ol Connor ish

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Y’all know how I do, keep y’all company till the next project drop

A conscious state on the way

A smart nigga with a mike, oh no

Somebody take it, somebody disconnect the cable

Somebody break it, somebody make it

So they can’t hear nothing he’s saying

Cause if they do, they’ll probably reconsider what they playing

I am the enemy, I’m the remedy

I’m a spark mind from john f kennedy

Know the world ain’t end on december 21st

But instead of being scared, straight I’m scared

We just getting worse

Preachers fuckin our youth, we ain’t even safe in the church

I’m tryina get to your mind if tv ain’t get to it first

Reality show our funerals, I just watch and disgust

I watched a nigga hit a bitch with a uppercut on the bust

I used to have to find porno mags under my dad mattress

Nowadays, you know how easy downloading a porno app is?

They watching fucking at the push of a button

She 14 and having a baby, should have knew that was coming

All we see nowadays is money and fuckin

All of my nigga got kids

Cause one of them easy and the other one wasn’t

Is it art imitating life or life imitating art?

Regardless, I lost mine, can’t tell em apart

Dumb rap sales, I see that lime life

Look how that was designed

Give a fuck if I make a dime when I rhyme

I wanna sell like gotye and the dale

I see em winnin, makin music with feeling and still sellin them millions

You rap niggas sell out and still fly

Making bullshit music to get to the top and you still not

17 years and the realest nigga is still Pac

Abusing the mike, you worse than the nigga that killed Pac

Why? Cause the more we glorify and accept stupid

I play the mind and this generation can’t connect to it

My grandparents went through racism and lock outs

Now we got rights and lil niggas can’t wait to drop out

We worship celebrities like they perfect

When they gonn die just like you one day

It’s the only thing that’s certain

If y’all could only see behind the curtain

Half the shit you watch, half the attempt to devaluate a person

I like em natural, fuck the fake knockers

Shit, my dream girl is jennifer hudson before the way watchers

Been in the game now it’s my time and I’m taking my menace

If it have handles haters still couldn’t hold my attention

The realest nigga act cool like I’m holding auditions

Fly city niggas die for acting suspicious

Imagine growing up, living in them conditions

Niggas tryina kill you everyday can kill your spirit

Females be knowin who I am now so I don’t trust em

I know lady in the hood fuckin her daughter’s husband

I know a nigga in the hood fuckin his girl’s cousin

So before I let a person fuck me, I’d rather say fuck it

People and loyal is like water and oil

Watch me, I don’t take breaks and I won’t break

And that’s why they can’t stop me

When you confident, insecure niggas say that you cocky

Punching these lines, I say that I’m rocky they hate it they not me

This is my thoughts and I be on all kind of shit

This is for my fans that wanted that all kind of shit, go!

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