Jon Connor

Jon Connor - No Thrillz lyrics

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You know that you done me wrong

this what real mother fuckers wake upto right?

Yeah, yeah

let's go

Alright I feel that shit in my soul

Onyx turn that shit all the way up

Yeahhh ungg

Yo imma keep eatin beats long as onyx keep feedin me

Niggers can’t see me you see they try to take a peak

Niggers can’t stand me you see they dying to take a seat

Niggers is pissed and Im just trying to take a leak

Connor is an epidemic you see a hater lynch em

You tryin hang with victim then watch me make a killing

I'm from the city where we cant even make a living

Now picture this I am in the position to make a million

I ain’t from hoe shit so I ain’t taking your shit

I'm the realist nigga alive ain't takin no shit

I tell the whole truth so it ain’t no questions after

From where the real drug dealers ain’t no fucking rapper

When I say real I mean staying true to who I was

Look at my past to see exactly who you knew I was

I know exactly who I am and you can’t take that from me

Yo shit is gonna get ugly

Fuck it imma make you me

Hey Hey hey hey

My possie goin strong

Sayin hey hey hey hey

I got it goin on

Screaming hey hey hey hey

My possie goin strong

Saying hey hey hey hey

We got it goin on

Im Screaming

Ok There might be a problem that fake shit I'm not it

That hotness that real shit you want that I got it

I know yall glad to see me

It’s been a fucking drought

cant belive these rappers and the dumb shit that come out their mouth

My shit is dope it's not

you must never have been high befoe

think Killing is cool you must ain't had no niggas die before

Ever seen a nigga die? (I have) Seen a nigga lose his life? (I have)

Yeah that shit is wack as fuck that's the reason why Im mad

Told ma nigga in the hood

He like I don't give a fuck

Fine, let's just start to shoot each other up

The radio sayin we should either go an bust a gun or bust a nut

So take me on a driveby to my girl crib before I fuck

What the hell is going on, Marvin Im getting scared wit you

Imma yell this shit till I am there wit you

Might be blowing my one shot going against the grain but fuck it

cause Imma make you love me make you love me



My flow

put people at ease like a breeze when it’s 90 degrees

The game so full of bullshit that it's up to my knees

Im about to take it to a level you wouldn’t believe

I go hard, shoulda knew that from fucking with Clees

Went to private school so hood niggas say I ain't hood enough

Raised in the hood so critics act like I aint good enough

uppity niggas hear me cussin all they hear is ignorance

Been hated on all my life So axe me if I give a shit

I'm a real nigga, fuck that I'm a rare nigga

Cause the class I'm in aint no body else there nigga

Guess I'm just a different breed

Live by a different creed

Persicuted for my deeds and still do this shit for brea

Excuse my language when I write about it

But, life in Flinn make you vent so forgive me if I ain't so nice about it

Jon Connor, people's rapper y'all can put that on my grave

Ready for that real shit aww let my count the way count they way... Count the way...


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