Jon Connor

Jon Connor - New Slaves

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I came upon rap in that area win

Beaf got handel that real life not the internet

And I ain’t saying I want somebody go to kill

But shit so fake that days will make me wanna through up on myself

Let’s see that real nigga rap that’s that shit thay want to be extintecy

Is fake nigga rap, they push that

Cuz they don’t want you though all that thing

Raped and got so bad

Everybody feel like they can do it too

Niggas trapping it strongs and it’s dropping my eyes cuty

Use to only be niggas now everybody see it

I feel like they got a stiky dumming for a reason new slaves

I am the best, I am the best from the world

Now see the leaders and his fallowers

But I rather be addicted in his swallors

I rather have my own did they caught up in the crowd

Motherfuckers how lost and only do what they allowd

New slaves

I am the best in the world, I am the best

Hy nigga, look

I ain’t no better then you, I watch real hustle wise too

I’ll be watching TMC, I see the blood only

I see the blood only, I see the blood only

Steavy Jane up in the guns

I see the blood only

I was watchinf „Love and hip-hop”

I ws watching basketball wild

Knowing all that shit ain’t real like

Knowing all that shit ain’t real like

Knowing all that shit ain’t real like

Know all that shit was all a film

Knowing all that shit ain’t real

But the more they show that shit

The more we acting like deal

The more we think is ok

They keept the shit on replay

I swear the God I see the same episode seven times in one day

Somebody tell me I’m wrong

Somebody tell me I’m wrong

But way I rush homie to go catch thart shit

Evey time they come on, I’ve been wathcing morie

Every day use to say more story, mean while V age one

Pull more niggas on the better going

Yeah what the fuck we all doing

Mean while are we all get it stupid

I just wanna all for five, tehnology smarter then the humans

I mean I know where I’m going

Right down to the second I’m moving

Then way this cops can catch all these niggas that be shutting

That’s cuz they don’t want too

That it’s ‚til the day they want you

Cuz way while we’ll zombies to this stages they controling the population rules

I am the best, I own this microphon e

You can’t touch me

I am the best

I am the best in the world

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