Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Last Call

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Raise the glass, I said toast motherfucker

Let me take you back the hardest story begins

I’m of the ax, tel me more whassup, made avions

It says people wanna know how we lay down for each other

Let me tell you by the story of me and my true brothers

So, and they ask me, they ask me, they ask me and I tell ‚em

Salute the calley west

Best in the world

But let me told you my story

Yeah, I’mma do like this right?

So I was at this whole in the wall

Just raping doing my thing

I’m thinking for one second that changes this night what bring

Spinning my heart out, I was trying to lay my dream

That aley grab me and said I’mma take you to meat my team

I said my team? How? please

And said yeah that’s my brothers

I said a word you said yeah, you’re a cope motherfucker

Ya’ll got the same bubble and I thin ya’ll should meet each other

So I’m walking over humble and I try not to started cuz

I wasn’t thinking really, I was just thinking ‚bout when they want a finel form

Well they did it for my city

He looked at me and said nigga you should come

Nigga gave me your shit when I was chilling with my bubble

I’ve been apon you, I’ve been try to find you

But I don’t want no money and I ain’t try to sign you

I just think you just got what it take to make it out this bitch

And not do everyhting to help you

Just spread my brother every since so yeah

Ya’ll know what I do, this my way of saluting to those how inspires me

Maybe I wanna do what I do, you know what I’m saying

Yeah, if this shit make you wanna go back and listen to the real version of these songs

My job is done

At least you listen good shit again

Alright verse two let’s go

So me more been on this ground full of wild

Pass the CD-s out every week I’ll be wild

Yeap, every all the week we will go to the D.

We just wanna be heard, getting music all for free

And we’ll be doing shows I don’t know how we survive

Then his granny ass club then we made it out of life

I can laught about it now but it’s a comedy in fact

Looking at me now, we gonna roab me if you at

But that was paying dudes and I knew that

And anything we get til my dream I was gonna do that

So me while my man it’s like I worked up in ninety three seven

Any time an artist came to do pressy well tell me

So slap and hit me like grass coming to the station

I know it’s a long shut but you got some music you can play me

And more like fuck it my nigga on the way

End of today knoing is the worst of nigga can say

So we get to the station it’s like he, like he listen

That’s my man Connor and my man be spinning

If ya’ll all don’t like that one ya’ll should listen to this

I feel like no body in the room is paying attention

Til I heard a dude next to me sais „Uuh”

My nigga that’s cool, my nigga that’s you

He said my name sad but your shit ain’t have bad

Hit me most up at the hole way

And then change maps

So about a mom bleeding, have to sit here in the dark

More he be like my man from they I wanna talk

Wanna talk yeah he wanna to blaze to

Crazy he tookthe fly to New York to my basement

Nervous it’s what I blaze shit and plan shit I won’t side

Chill it like damn play me something that I don’t like

They said back in forth, though my basement they like all

I think you something special and I wanna be involve

So we was vibing out, listening the music

He said it ain’t about the money i belive that you can do it

I just think you got what it takes to make it out

This bitch not doing everything to help you

To spend my brother every since so yeah

And that is, you know what I say

A lot of people how what what is this rap shit

That call you, call yourself your brother

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