Jon Connor

Jon Connor - L.A. Leakers Freestyle

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Look where we headed

Niggas want baby mamas instead of weddings

Then holla, ''she crazy'', you knew that before you got her pregnant

Visualize the dream of Malcolm and Martin opposite

We all God's children making the Devil's adoption list

Free will, keep up with rioting

Our common sense born with a conscience

But over time we building up our tolerance

Immunity to scrutiny, that's just how the world turn

Alfred told me, ''Some people just want to watch the world burn''

Ashes to ashes after flashes of decisions made

The world disintegrates as shallowness takes center stage

As I pen this page some will say I'm a renegade

Cleaning out my closet, I'm just man enough to renovate

Seduction of corruption got us all fucked

Before we all stuck, see the light before you all struck

Back to that baby mama, nigga here your little boy come

Lifetime to build a future, only seconds to destroy one

Uh, we just getting warmed up, uh, uh huh

Getting warmed up

The young Jedi, so fly, I skywalk

I talk for the hood, police sirens, I line chalk

My whole crew get down, I can't stand you, sit down

We drop bombs, I advise you get down

See y'all make believe, I make believers

These niggas is cakes, we cake receivers

In other words you niggas sweet, I run sugar hill

Hello fellow I'm remellow love, how could it feel

Fuck a hater 'cause it's all or nothing

My reflex D-X, tell the public to suck it

I got niggas sweating, plotting on how to stop me

It's useless to cop, be a jock me, you not me

There's more game to soak up

Niggas been sleeping and I’m so glad you woke up

Watch 'em get choked up

Nigga, fuck that, I spit crack like your watch and break the dope up

Well shit, all your hopes up

Deluxe sucker, don't fuss, nigga, fuck you

I fuck your bitch to show you that your girl's a dumb slut

Young slut, better get it right, you better get it right

I fucked her so hard it be hard for her to sit at night

Well shit, my nigga, I don't know how y'all even breathing

I don't know how y'all even leaving

I don't know how you could call us Even Steven

My nigga, I call you Steve and y'all won't leave, y'all bugging me

Y'all niggas can't fuck with me, this about to get ugly

Luckily y'all better put me in a whole, another category

Nigga's category

I might play with y'all, might play a game with y'all

It ain't no thing, but all y'all might fall

I ball like I was sponsored by Spalding

You all in? I don't think so

Well, fuck that, I drink slow

I take it all in, y'all spitting that poison

And where I'm going you boys ain't went

But fuck that, nigga, my flow so dark it's hundred percent tints

Maybe zero percent tints, no matter how y'all call it

Nigga, fuck that, y'all know how we do, you all falling

And all y'all retarded if you ever try to test me

Street smarts, my nigga, this Wayne Gretzky

Iced up, well fuck it, we can put that away

But nigga fuck it, I ball so hard that I could put Shaq away

Or nigga Hardaway, I might just get this the harder way

And nigga fuck that, reach in your soul, take your heart away

Dog, y'all don't really want it with the God

Well shit, y'all, uh, done level past after trash

I'm the level at Aftermath that reach greatness

Y'all niggas hating, y'all be on some snake shit

Y’all be on some fake shit, this shit be the greatness

This shit be the greatest shit you ever heard

That's my word

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