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Jon Connor - Know The Ledge Freestyle lyrics

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..we trust, I know you ..with the ninetees shit right,

Incredible, learn to pedestal, ..lyrical, visual,

It feels like you’re watching the video,

.., this is how I can make you invisible,

It’s the flow that niggas no make it mentally miserable,

Cold, is the beat froze, and I’m watching ..,

…that take to Titanic now,

Never was .. it was always worst,

I’m flippin now like you flip the ..,

So out me down nigga, this for the real,

Shit, I’m too ill, should I take a better ..,

You nigga …, feeling like is my work here

And I got a shoot deal,

Over Mc ..that is got a new deal,

I make a wake up, time is money like a ..,

…they make up,

Real shit is in my blood, is just my make-up,

…let me be, you can’t touch, what?

Is …you niggas come in to suicide,

Is the miracle …you are the mirror,

… you niggas won’t make it to see the ..,

My hair straight, to fear me get ..straight

I’m dare on, you’re dare ..

Bow wow, it ain’t reason to try,

Every birth side, give sixteen reason to die,

Niggas …getting focused, said it was …

Yeah but shit but we ain’t noticed,

came right in the door …differently open,

look I got a locked .. get …

the flow is open and walking around locked up,

and no way to keep you mother f*cker attack

so tell him mother f*cker I’m back,

I am not just the …

.. niggas got strengths, I’ma …

Killing …and I still got a clear conscious,

I told you to bring that real shit back,

Look, follow me, I’ll show you the way to ..

You look kind of lost, yeah.

I was born on a block, where you watch and you learn

Niggas said i was hot now I’m watchin them burn

Niggas turning to ash, I put they ass in the urn

When we offer the cash, niggas give what they earn,

And my .. is like …and the

But the true niggas are true in love,

Is the war right here but the devastated …

Put the steady for … I’m from the spot where niggas

…blocks, now stop this gun shot when the sun drop,

You niggas …blocks,

Never pretend to take every minute to get in the race

So …won’t finish, life is a gamble, who got to ..

Just to call world ..block ice.

You want the real ..under a ..

I see shit that I wouldn’t wish of my enemy,

F*ck the haters is like I had …

I stay on my job, and you niggas wait to get lay it off,

Let the game easy …paid off,

And can’t nobody stand next to us,

We’re next, so what, ..we trust in that ..

Yeah I know ..ledges ..from flex …

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