Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Kick In The Door lyrics

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‘til the day they burry Jon

I’m probably on marathons

Yeah,I’m feeling myself

Here’s something I never miss

They compare me with Barry Bones

I scream :fuck you!

Then carry on!

I got bitches in every city

A gift from the fairy God

I ain’t kissing bitches

They better kiss frogs

I’ll make you move like I made the roof,nigga

I’m acting,wtf am I supposed to say ?

And a few haters ,you smack them

And then you make them take it back

Real niggaz,real niggaz,real niggaz

I’m from a city with real killers

We will kill you

And I don't brag about the murder rate

Cause that'd hurt my state, Michigan need me

This verse'll be my murder case

I burn the place, you don't believe oh?

Well you gon' learn today, haters turn to fake

Now they makin' the PeeWee Herman face

Fuck you if you with them, what I'm gon' do with them?

I feel like Terrio, I feel like 'oooh kill 'them

I feel like you bitches wear it if the shoe fit it

Only thing on my mind is money and a new fitted

I never ask a bitch who's it

'Cause they be quick to say 'you' but on the low be fuckin' two niggas

See I remind you of the golden age, how I can go for days

And I control the stage

You nigga don’t even know my pay

They say I’m on my way

I feel like I’m already home

I’ve been ready since the sensational ...

Talk about the future of music and how I would do it

I wanted to prove it and make the Jews look stupid

Yeah I love his game

And his game loves me too

No,I don’t run now,I outrun niggaz

Outdone to the point you don’t question the outcome

After this kind of season

I see it,just watch the...

Another one,salute from Michigan

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