Jon Connor

Jon Connor - I'm Back

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2013 is on, right?

Still sleeping mistape on the way

On conscience stake, coming on iTunes

Y’all know how we do, avf shit

All I see is posters all with my face on it

Tell your chick put a face on it

Got a bad bitch and these steak homies

Murder track, put a case on me

I run shit, I ball hard, you niggas out of breath

Tryina chase Kobe

I can’t miss, I make hits

Even the umpire ain’t safe from me

They miss me, they miss me

Too long we gone without real shit

I’m still me, and I’m still real

So shit, that’s what y’all still get

Y’all niggas lame, y’all fuck boys

Y’all niggas sweet like y’all fuck boys

I fuck hoes, lord knows that extra magnum so clutch, hoe

That extra magnum so clutch, hoe, that extra magnum so clutch, hoe

Niggas all on my dick, vice script haters came to my nuts go

Michigan, that’s my state, michigan that’s my mind state

I michigan like eminem, like gm how crime rate

I’m never gonn stop, get better and taking these veterans spots

No I’m not arrogant, stop

I’m my own worst critical, allow me to give me my props, yeah

Sick to die can give me my shots

Shots is all I ever heard

Fly city, civic hood...

I ain’t gotta brag about my city dude

Cause I know that you use your head to make bad decisions

So that’s what niggas put hoes there

Ain’t proud of that just aware of that

Y’all niggas should be scared of that

13 murders in one week, your hood hollywood compared to that

I put on cause we need this

I put on cause we need this

Fuck y’all, streets smart, genius, dean’s list

This is for my city and this is for my town and

This one is for my people outta state that hold me down, G!

I’m back.

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