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Jon Connor - I C U Lookin lyrics

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I'm just doing my part to preserve the .. you feel me wanna kill it they need .. punch lines

all you see is .. is too hot to hold them ..

..married to the game .. some decent proposal

you know all you see is caskets and roses ..

I'm coming from the .. chock em .. I'm burning that I'm hose

you think you're the coldest, you're leaving toasted

..and tell your body 'cause ..they shoot the ..

i run shit like I'm in the race against the snails

i spit shit like I'm from the west side ..

believe that when i speak is the mark of the beast ..

I've never been settle ..sweet niggas spitting that bubble gum

i spit that ass . .niggas never recover from you're the type of nigga ..

your brother come ...shit your whole crew.. (mother f*cker ..)

i west cravy.. you west .. making your chest...

you left shaking murder, every track was getting this last breath

taking yes I'm out of my mind nigga

my hair is ..nigga f*ck the world liek my girl leave shaking ..

shaking some .. night shaving

when I'm talking ..I'm not a .. Madonna.. for Madona

.. killing me.. all they filling me, this is history the epidemy of niggas misery

I'm a writer, producer, artist, visionary

always get the people all they need ,

yeah the shit is scary, I'm a true artist,

you're just kind of good ..all you niggas .. i ain't f*vcking

... from b*tches like I'm a ... i need to check up ..

I ain't gonna let up .. i spit it to the .. i got the hit man can't convince me ...

remember my temperature ...i don't believe it ..

from the hood where we use .. fixing.. loses and winners, come on!

you already know, is John coming


i do freestyle you know what I'm sayin

I'm just doing my part

...i see you since..nigga

the real stacker..midnight..

Maserati si generous ..

we got this shit, salvation on the way.

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