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Jon Connor - Gonna Make It lyrics

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Some survive, some fell, it’s just the way it goes

This that negro spirit, you gotta slay your soul

I’m the lyrical version of …

The only difference is I pull a … Ferrari in the danger zone

I’m some like god’s finest art,

His creating big beard upon my face will keep a … wrong

They got me riding with the strap, no safety on

But all we trying to do is make it, what you think we on

Me an Jon Connor, we are rhyming with no gimmicks

This is pure spittage, and our lyrics are all honest

Flow like oceans and rivers you niggas small palms

Small timers, yeah I said I’m addressing all rhymers

Holler, who want drama? We will blow up you niggas pots

It’s the beards we are the bombers, run along and tell your mama

...go and warm Obama, we don’t make it, we gonna take it

You naked with the lamas

I’m gonna make it, no one can stand in my …

I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna hustle hard

I’ma make this rap

It’s Connor, who provoking him, they smoking, I’m doper than opium

Spitting that acid, letting them have it, yeah

Real shit, it’s being demanded

Schooling you niggers I’m getting my masters

Go get a past… murdering verses, they lay in the caskets

Flow out this world, trying to catch them,

Better get…

Look, niggas can’t see me, like they in the cheap seats

Not even a sneak peek…

Killing, every track at least 6 feet

When I’m creative…taking my turn

I’m on the road to success, and they taking the turn, look

I’m on my grind I been hustling like a motherfucker

I drive a steak through the heart of all you bloodsuckers

The day walker that mental game at the…

And fuck her like miss parker and nothing can get me off her

I’m feeling like none of these niggas can touch me

Maybe it’s poetic justice or maybe I’m just lucky

But grind till you get it it’s the ultimate lesson

Went from being broke… trading verses with the legends

You feel me?

I’m gonna make it, make it, make it, make it.

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Tuesday 6th of December 2011 11:53
Where Salvation may have left listeners calling for a more complete project from Jon Connor, the release of next Monday’s Season 2 looks to capture the sound, story and image of the Flint, Michigan native from a 360° vantage point. Produced entirely by his production ensemble, The World’s Greatest Music, Jon calls in a favor from Philly and snags the always entertaining Freeway for “Gonna Make It.”