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(Bringing that real shit back put your hands up high, that real shit back

put your hands up high, put em high, put em high, put em high, put

em high)

I got the soul of a veteran, anti-medicine the flow is sicker than it’s

ever been its evident I kill shit

Nigga heres the evidence, better tell them this that shit that make them

question niggas relevance,

The doc smacked me on my ass, had a chip on my shoulder ever since

I make hits niggas flinch, you will move if you had better assists

Ill since birth and I got better since, I’m a real nigga so this probably

out your element.

You the realest when you telling it, I can’t buy the bullshit no more,

everybodys selling it.

So I close shop on you hoes, let the hoes flock landed street till I’m

gone put on for the whole block watch,

Niggas is gased up, niggas think they hot when it’s just me burning

their ass up

Niggas is bitches like their misses with their ass up, getting fucked,

more please fill my glass up

I give a fuck cuz my mindset is like a fly jet, I’m on my fly shit a pilot

cuz my shit got the hunger of a VIP who hasn’t signed yet

And you can feel that, were you been is were you still at, so nigga kill


My shit is red hot, like a red dot, on your temple, respect the young

god in the temple

Should I continue? Nothing like a good ass wooping…I love it

(Bringing that real shit back put your hands up high, that real shit back

put your hands up high, put em high, put em high, put em high, put

em high)

When I spit I have them strung out, that’s why I see a lot of long faces

like I’m looking in the mirrors at a fun house,

Get it clear, I don’t rap for rappers niggas is all ass word

up Esther Baxter.

And, yall niggas extra average on your best day, on the regular my

worst verse kills competitors

You sentimental, we in the jungle now the venom in him, the flow is

bananas, that’s just the gorilla in him

How you love that, show it to me, I’ll show you love back, but I ain’t

stunting none of you niggas so nigga fuck that,

My position, I know you pissed but I grew up without a pot to piss in,

so far its me that’s the competition.

This is debt to living, ain’t the stakes high? While you roll snake eyes im

lookin in these snake’s eyes

Trying not the bite the apple but Adam I feel you, ass naked hoes in

my face I ain’t thinking clear too

Industry shady it need to be taken over

Trying to give you that raw, you snorting the baking soda,

Well the wait is over, its like do magic, I’m spitting that blue magic,

abraca-blue faggot

And truthfully, if you don’t like it nigga sew me, cuz Nas told me fuck

yall niggas and just do me, ain’t gotta like it but yall going to respect


hope you got the message,

This is epic.

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