Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Dubby

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(Verse : Jon Connor)

One of the realest to ever spit it

'Bout to lose it but I'm still winning

Niggers say fuck me, they can't touch me

But they still feel it

I'm feeling great as I watch these people be fake

If you ain't know me when I was broke

I don't know you now that I'm straight

Straight up,my weight up

I run shit, can't wait up

It's fuck y'all then break up

My head strong, nigga say pop

So what you get out of here

And use your push it boy

I'm so close to the edge

I'm begging y'all to push me boy

They got these rappers gased

My tank is fucking empty

They probably want me gone

But the people keep fucking with me

I know they want me out

But in that I find comfort

I rive for the cause

Every track I'm burning rubber

They say I'm tryin' condensate how niggers wack

Shit I'm tired of saying it to the sad

Part of it's the fact

So why don't you tweet your favourite rapper

And tell him to learn how to rap

So I can change my subjects matters do them

Love it or change the track


Y'all got to deal with me

The people will feel me

The people still with me

I got 'em,I got 'em

The realer shit is what they really want

I got 'em, no problem

So just know on the way you go

(Verse : Jon Connor)

I'm the best of the world when niggers gon' say that

Niggers should've knew that when they heard playback

Niggers heard sounds like how you gon' pay that

Told me KO that arcade yo that

I get a whole lot of hair like the whole God no neck

Walk type, rope sweet ,no neck

In other words I don't plan on falling

I'm about to fuck 'em up 'cause I'm focused

I'm the ray for all you cockroaches

Y'all on my platinum opening

Why, 'cause my drive, in 4 wheel drive

I can't let you slide, when I say I'm the truth

Well I'm just being honest I'ma kill this shit

That's a threat and a promise

Murder is verse and here's my accomplice yo

Y'all make way for my nigga Mick Wallace ,go

(Verse : Mickey Wallace)

No play for the real ,to be sharp and to get tramp

Or move to the side of the room

'Cause nobody really wanna be on a room stampede

Stump holes in the game feeling hoose

This the truth, everybody looking for

Hook up rebelion in the streets

Looking at a blue to turn green

For the green gon' me

And try to bloom, tuck up in their bloom and now they wanna

Help 'em,let 'em go, no I won't

Told 'em I don't play them games

And I said kill Mike sincerous

Little was I missing I'ma see my admission

Of a rider who drive fast and fearless

Pedal to the flow, it go vroom

I see y'all still spinning your wheels

Who the hell has anything better to do

Real talk y'all tripping like broke eels

That's my word anybody wanna throw that

Should've sworn to the gong I throw some parmezan

So strongly formed when I born

Nigga bring World War III home

This that part when I gonna get 'em

Ever this is relevant just see this I would get 'em

Buddy make a rapper and whoever coming with 'em

I'm a hunk and with me when they wanna split 'em

Mic so nasty still in time to clean your clock

Still no fisky making these hits to my honey

And my honey gonna still be stopped

And at the end then my girl real

Will get praise for what I did here

'Cause that brief I've been living in fear

Who you know do it like this

Here talk to now<br />

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