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Jon Connor - Dj Delz Freestyle

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I feel it so extraordinary

I feel it so extraordinary

I feel it so extraordinary

Something's got a hold of me

They call me show stop a fat lady singing

Welcome to the opera flow with sickness ain't healing from what you hear over the counter

Doctor, doctor, these niggers need something, they gonna meet their fathers

these niggers gonna meet the Fockers, bitch shill in this motherfuckers

...getting showed in lockers, dis-correct grandma cause damn it all my shit is proper

Watch who on your team, make sure you run with a thorough roster

cause it's a fact that rats run in packs like Frank Sinatra

My shit is vital Shawn Michels I'ma knock you off your rocker

That's what you get you niggers gonna learn about fucking with condoms

my shit is permanent, burning it like I'm permanent

and every verse of curses, constantly reaffirming it

Let's get this established, my tongue's sharp so I stab with it

Every track with a passion that niggers couldn't imagine

I wanna fuck whose that look like Jessica Rabbit

Getting drunk with power, yeah, I didn't fell of the wagon

See, I don't … I'm constantly spitting heaters

I'm a phenomenal to flow sicker than the Bieber fever

In this game I make cold plays, I just viva la vita

Walk in building a legion, let's play follow the leader

Spitting is my sport every track I show my ass like Serena

See this is the dominion that will be filling the readers

Yeah the flow is wet … certain line about Katrina

Spitting here by the liter I just made another believer

See, when I write it these lines is changing the climate

all these niggers that's right … about changing a diary

I'm the shit and you shitty feel like I'm changing the diaper

Say I ain't killing shit boy you're fucking with Michael Meyers

Look, the flow is deadly and this a murderous medley

From spitting shit just catchy a hood like Franky and …

I make them feel like they met me, that's why the people accept me

Leave my heart on the track it make sure they never forget me

I feel it so extraordinary

I feel it so extraordinary

I feel it so extraordinary

Something's got a hold of me.<br />

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Thanks to Komshiya for correcting these lyrics

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