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Jon Connor - Dirty Diana lyrics

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Go with that game that you running hoe,

She gonna fuck me till I tell her what she wanna know

She say she moved away from home on a model shit

This … I ain’t never see her model shit

She telling me right after parties like she in the game

Niggers I grew up watching … know about name

She say she hate the life and she hates the niggers that’s in it

So tell me how the fuck you mad at …

I smell a motherfucking liar, tell me …

She take her clothes off and suffer from taking too long

This shit’s too… so ain’t tripping on a reputation

And now she ride me like she got light resurrection

We drunk as fuck, we laying down, she gets the pillow talking

She saying shit that let me know that she be Twitter stalking

She let me know she got a target on any kind of artist

But regardless I’m the hardest …

I just met her now she asked out

So I can bury… until we past out

Heading for the money she be getting cash out

My niggers … this shit is real… I started catching feeling

Oh shit, I’m realizing how she catch these niggers

But I know I hit the road is 20 more to strike me

All the motherfucker stories she can tell my wifey

She bad as hell

… plus I could fuck her anyway I want her

She knows your secrets she know all the crazy shits you into

… my nigger feel me… fuck it artist producers, writers, under the covers

… that’s why I’m in my pocket now, trying to find the number.

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