Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Church On The Move f. GLC & Caas Swift lyrics

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My ..has been out rapper man

Your p**sy here .. can’t ..

Pimpin just .. of jeans just like ..

Women will be .. they can’t handle ..

They see .. see the chat he stand this

Night speak night hear night ..

Come and chat he’s pimpin baby ..

After several lane made this ..

She happen now cocktail have the hour

I’ve lost the ..that ass yeah she lost for power

Got a little .. dressed with the flowers

Sipping Sockey in the glass ..hours

Is it national clear with the passport

And life was moving slow so i hit the ..

She want some pimpin out she’d doing .. forward

And he’s here doing 60 on the damn ..


I’m fresh i’ve been at the ..feeelin like i’m a million , a million

I’m flyin the touching the .. touching the ceiling, the ceiling

Feelin like yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Come and run with me ..good way

Ra ra ar ra ra

Sunny day with the perfect ring at the whip cloud

The invitation just can’t take it they ..

..down me ‘cause they saw me down me

I’m the quick .. found me

Smoke the best good sex how my life sound me

Rock the shows or the hoes had house clouded

Burning .. setting flow VIP ..

Man we’re kicking like we’re livin ..

.. i’m smoking ..drag in ..your man should say enver had it

F*ck a bad si make a nigga .. i track it

..jagg it ..too plastic ...

Seated what but i .. see in my .. ..


So what you like is it right light on you every night

waking up the room service right before we catch a flight

is it going to the mall and I’m thinking by the fight

is it one in a lifetime ..

she ask me what i’m doing in here as if i wasn’t ..

because of you i got a woody like in episode it cheer

how i came with the .. make your nigga disappear

i’m a .. with this game word ..Dj Premier

i make it key as if she’s bay

i had a .. as if she the type ..make you scrape the play she’s late put a hundred sleep i’m the man of her dreams

Your hoe is falling in love end it fly landed

Girl i’m out this world f*ck cities we plan plan it

She know that i’m ..


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