Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Bound 2

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You fuck a nigga, I fuck a bitch, do that makes us even?

We’re not together, so all in all, does that make it cheating?

Buying flights every week like a nigga rich

Thousand dollars for a flight to fuck another nigga bitch!

Good pussy got a nigga on some nigga shit

But, at least a nigga, nigga rich!

Late nights driving by your crib like, OK!

Bitch got me sitting in the whip like OJ

Thinking that if I make the news, the fuck Dre gonna say

Tattoos on her fingers, on some love shit!

Tattoos on her fingers, on some dumb shit!

I can’t believe this bitch was so see thru

Met the other nigga and he turned me into Mr. Me Too!

Said, “I know how to make her squirt!”

I was like, “me too!”

He used to drop her off to work I was like, “me too!”

I picked her kids up from school, I was like, “me too!”

Said she was pregnant, shit, that could have been my seed too!

The same shit that makes you cry it kind of makes you laugh

I’ve heard so many good girls fucking with your crazy ass!


I know when I fucked up!

I know!

Nigga, I know when I’m fucked up

Y’all niggas be friends,

Nigga, I ain’t shit, nigga!

Because they is real, right?

I’m feeling like I’m stuck with you

I keep saying I’m done with you

My friends say they can fuck with me if I chose to fuck with you!

They wanna stick around and see Titanic sink

I mean, damn, what would jeromey Romey Romey Rome think

Both of us made mistakes, ain’t been the same ever since

Now we’re stalking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, for evidence

Asked me, do I love her?

Then the answer, go be fucking yes!

It’s a vicious circle, how I get out is a fucking mess!

Conflicting stories, our life is Maury on a daily basis

Say, I’m not gonna fuck this bitch again, then she get naked!

Everybody dream for my shit, there ain’t one to tell

Your friends and my friends, both saying we’re dumb as hell!

We’re both grown, it’s fuck, but we’re acting young as hell

Damn, the fist fighting ain’t happy till either one in jail!


Main shit I can throw, my nigga, hold on!

Look, check it out!

Your momma hate me, sister hate me, the fuck I’mma do?

My momma hates you and my sister fucking hates you too

You act confused when we’re been talking about like, why ain’t we cool?

I'm like think really, really hard, bitch, what ain’t you do?

Got a baby daddy, plus this side nigga,

And what makes it worse is he be hanging on with my niggas.

So they tell me, when are you doing dirt?

When are you thinking I ain’t alert

We’re both be cheating out, it’s a matter of who gonna do it first!

Lord, it makes me wonder why I like your ass

Either I’m in love, or I’m a motherfucking psychopath!

She said we’ll both be on some bullshit

Both been trying to pull shit, often we’ll get caught,

But fuck, both of us is cool with!

My hood niggas be like, damn, she did my nigga wrong

My hood niggas be like, damn, she got my nigga gone

My nigga call her around town, this nigga making songs

Never seen him like this, what a fuck my nigga on?


Know what I’m saying,

Ain’t the first time, won’t be the last

The last time it happened like this, though!

Close your eyes, let the worst paint a thousand pictures

One good girl is worth a thousand pictures


I think we can leave on that note, yeah!

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