Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Blame Game

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Ah, on a bathroom wall I wrote:

"I'd rather argue with you than be with someone else!"

I took a piss and dismiss it like "fuck it"

And I went and found somebody else, else, else,

Fuck arguing and harvesting the feelings,

Yo, I'd rather be by my fucking selfs elf, self

Till about two a.m. and I call back

And I hang up and I start to blame myself

Somebody help!

You used the crack cause both your parents was

Addicts and your sister was ratchet

So I made it my mission to get you above of that shit

Probably my fault for trying to be a hero when I can't be

Or your fault for sending me DMs that says, "save me!"

Shit I was trying, I know that we been had some ups and downs

That exhibit house found out you and some other nigga fucking now

Lied and said you told him about us and that he don't mess with you

Well if ya'll ain't fucking, why the fuck this nigga texting you?

While you was sleeping I'd go and pick up your phone

And said, "babes, is you okay? And let me know when you coming home!"

So I put you on a plane like I'm done with you

I fly back to Flint and I'm back in the back

And we’re choking and fucking you.

I know you ain't getting this type of dick from that local dude

You was running game on me like this nigga was coaching you.

I'm fucking girls over while you was fucking some other dude

In the beginning saw something in you, but that just wasn't you.

Love don’t cost a thing, and that's why I wouldn't cheat

Western Union every week so you and your daughters could eat

Western Union every week so you and your kids could sleep

On a bed while your sister would throw you out on the street.

Thought if I showed you California and the shit that I was doing with the music

You would stop being so motherfucking stupid!

I wouldn't try to buy you, I tried to be by you

Wanted you and them girls to have a fucking better life too

Came home for Christmas, I think it was on a Friday

Drive to your crib, homies’ car was already in the driveway

I walked to the door, my future flashed before my eyes

I'm finally signed and I'm about to give it up over pride

See I just left Hawaii and now I'm standing in the hood

Arguing with a nigger over a bitch I was calling wifey.

This nigga stood in front of you and said you was his side bitch,

You still behind that nigga he looking at me like that's my bitch.

Wanted to ... but we in somebody else's home

She kept telling me to leave cause she was already gone

1000 dollars in an envelope you can have it

I made sure you had it, even if I ain't had shit.

Always said "Jon we're living too different lives"

Ain't know that's an excuse for you fucking two different guys

Outer beauty never hides the ugliness that's inside

Memories haunt my mind, but all I know is that I tried.

Told you I'd leave you alone if you was really in love with him

We could never work cause you ain't never stop fucking him

It all was a lie, regardless of how I felt

Now I see you for who you are,

Can’t do nothing but blame myself

For real!

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