Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Black Skinhead lyrics

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AVM, aftermath

Y'all know what time it is, let's go!


It's the return of the genius, ego probably as big as my penis

Yo girl probably seen it

These rappers is wack and sound like they can barely speak English

These niggas sound stupid and you just consume it

Confusing with music, the fuck is you doing

Y'all sound like duh duh duh duh duh

If it wasn't the truth then it might be amusing, look

They say I'm the voice of the people

That mean that I speaking no evil

They tell me that life is a bitch

Well I'm cool with the shit as long as she deep throat

Don't follow the leader, just go be a leader

Some people ain't think cos they eat what you feed em

Accept how you treat 'em

Cause they too scared to rock the boat, damn Mohamed

Linin' up to see Connor get busy

I just want y'all to feel me, just want y'all to feel how I felt when I used to be listenin' to biggie or 2Pac or Timbaland, Missy or Weezy

A mixtape from 50, well fuck it

DMX with some production from swizzy

Shit was authentic

Go figure cause niggas was rich but they spit like they ain't have a penny


I miss the basement, rap city

I miss the glass and them titties

I miss the glass and them titties

Rap fucking sucks, see the hickies?

Hernanda Lewis, I thought she was pretty

She 40, I fuck her, she feel like she 60

And that's of a quickie cause shit I ain't picky

Wait we ain't get too far of the subject did we?


Best in the world, yeah that's me, definitely destiny

Destined to progress I'm the chef peep the recipe

How can I see?

Top of the heat balling I'm dreaming

'Bout knock on the door lock on the door

How y'all gon' keep me out?

I keep it 1-50 nobody fucking with me

Go in till the 'mo empty,

Spit like I'm still Indie

Rise to the occasion, recognize my location

Jeopardize, nigga don't try I am not for the fake shit

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