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Jon Connor - Barry Bonds lyrics

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Who wanna see what the fuck I’m from

Let’s take a trip an see

You can see I just fall out of comfort

We’re making dollars like you’re greeting out the upset

We’re real niggaz

We even got shot up in the jail

Bad niggaz talk about murder

But murder is not for talking

If niggaz are talking about my hood

Then niggaz are barely walking

Tryin’ to swim with the sharks

But your niggaz are soft as a dolphin

You’re rappin’…

You’re acting

…Cops running around in your house

The other take your apartment

Money under the mattress

Dope under the carpet

Get caught quick

I saw hoes making a pimp sweat

I’m not talking to you

These bitches are part of the set up

Nigaz’ is crying

Niggaz is trying

No respect to the shit

They ‘re talking this in front of old folks

Old folks is part of the plan,part of the gossip

Just to get you decide the fact that there’re white shadows

I used to ply a number

And hoping she would hit the lotto

Then he would get dressed and take a trip to Chicago

I know that niggaz got condos

And solve their problems with homos

Everyday conversation can lead to an interrogation

A bar of confrontation can lead to incarceration

They erected our religion cause they don’t know nothing different

And bitches being bitches and they bitchen’ about it

She seems she knows who did it

The witness thinks she did it

…fuck it!where my niggaz at?

…every hood it took a loss

So we can get our niggaz back

Figure out that nigga

And then figure every niggaz’s trap

…be careful how your niggaz act

So I’m putting on

Flat city is my home

‘til the day that I’m gone

We’re out of here,bbay

We’re out of here,baby

Yeah,it seems we’re out of here

I used to isng in a choire

Unlike others’ shit

I’m clean as a tire

I told niggaz that I could rap

I was seen as a lion

And everything I desire,once more

I see Barry Bonds

And people are holdin’ on

The typical story

You’re home a single mom

When life it would be better if poppa wasn’t gone

If I could see him

I would probably call him dead

If I can see the place of the father that I never had

To exaggerate the situation

I used to see him on vacation

My graduation in elementary

I had this interesting admiration for writing lyrics

Now I’m dependent

…and never expect to get a favour back

When you are lonely

Success is a bitch

It never comes when you want it

Is slowly exists

It’s a relief ,let it out

After holding a kiss

..I got 2 friends and a grave

Momma feelin’ like a slave

So she went to schooling

I’m really proud of her grades

…but 200 project for rap niggaz

Are released every day

So she

We’re out of here ,Benny

We’re out of here Benny

We’re out of here Benny

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