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Jon Connor - Ain’t No Future lyrics

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Sound good to me

This for my residents fly city so I’ma represent

Flowest to the sickest like ain’t still get this medicine

I’m from the city but that action

niggas don’t do dress cause if they sayin this don’t happen

Nigga spit fire I’ma hold the .. up and down landed raise on the north side

Baby looking at me now like .. we made it

A nigga have to shop passes .. get faded

We don’t give a f*ck ‘cause we was raise in the jungle

We gonna represent to much trouble to be humble

Out of town .. got love for the D.

but homie please don’t get it twisted ‘cause I’m from ..

in the city we’re grinding we best .. shop to the fifth four

holla at me I .. ..explain to see

you’re listening to the sound of reef and the boys just see

Ain’t no future in your fronting

I thought ..

I never got caught with a key .. like I did cause the fake it ain’t for me

I was raise around niggas I was really industry

So .. to the fake motha f*cka

You know where I’m from so you know what I saw

Pose on my dick so we like f*ck the law

.. by the cops is rutine ...

we’re about business but also know we got ..

.. my niggas on the we’re living my niggas on the ..

Hoping time .. representing on the east side

Then we’re thinking no for the wars that will be ..

U make it out... so get ti don’t forget when I ..

I got the throne with my city on my shoulder

Yeah ain’t no future in your fronting

This the true to my city every verses

kind of keeping jumping Sunday like a ..

I’ll be at the .. when I get off nigga just call me at the palm tree ..jumpin this .. stay pack

Nigga keep the b*ck all burnin and they laugh

Blue city club is the ..we different ain’t no nigga for change of the world I’ll never be quiet time for the ..

We breathe real nigga so you said that you could tell me

holla at me holla at me

I rap for the city every verse ...

You got my back and I got yours

Time to .. said I’ll be good

It ain’t no future in your fronting

It ain’t no future in your fronting

It never was city..

I’m feeling real finished

..and peace .. power

I’m feeling ..

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