Johnta Austin

Johnta Austin - 10 Love Commandments

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I love plenty girls all around the world

They come and then they go

And I wrote a manual that I wanna share

With some rules everyone should knoow

Rule number uno

Don't never be the fool to let your spouse be gone too long cause you knoow

That jealousy eventually leads to hatred

And the longer that you take it

It's gon turn into betrayal

Number two

Always fall through

Stayin out all night ain't an option

You gots to

Take it from sinatra (ok)

I den hit mad dames, while they mane (man) slackin on their game

Number three

Never trust nobody

Ya'll big said it first

Why would I say differently

Your partners lil homies always got... else

And they only bring you stress cause they want you for they self

Number four

Ladies let me tell you what I know

Baby you can be the baddest chick

But the average chick

Will be the one to give your man the business

And you wanna know why

Cause ya can't keep a secret

Number five


You should never lie

Cause what's done in the dark always comes to the light

A real human being only stands by the truth

So no matter what the problem is

... exactly what you do

Number six

Fellas don't forgot your licks

If you wanna keep her 'round

Then you besta (better) go down

Brother like me kiss it good

Swear I do it like I should

Cause I know that if I don't

Another brother would

Number seven

That sex without protection

Forget it

Ya think you ain't playin 'round witcha (with) your life, shit

Forget it

It might look good

But one night of passion is enough to have ya end up like da boy magic

Number eight

This one is short and sweet

If god ain't in the mix, then you're headed for defeat

Number nine

Should've been number one to me

Fellas if ya ain't sure, don't cha (you) give her no ring

Marriage is a journey that you can't take lightly

And because she got your kids that don't mean make her your wifey

Number ten

A good rule to be found

Love is a word that you don't throw around

So if you don't love 'em, then say hell no

Cause if you don't love 'em, you need to let 'em go

Follow these rules and I promise you will win, 'member (remember) love involves sex and sex is Not sin

Religion is the pace that ya boy Johnny on, and if you try to fight this song you wrong

And when you gone

Your girl call my man tyrone

Heard in one week

She gave da (the) boy a key to her home

Heard she ain't thinking bout ya while we out at the palms

Gotta go, gotta go, soo lifers I'm goone... !

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