JJ Heller

JJ Heller - When I Leave

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Am I too busy chasing a temporary fortune That my priorities get lost along the road The seasons bring their moments They linger for an instant They never wait for you to pay the debts you owe When I leave I want to leave a memory filled with love The kind you don't forget When I go I want to be known As one who lived with no regrets If life is like a flower Am I doing all that's in my power To leave a fragrance behind It's time to count my blessings Forget about my savings account for a while I want them to say What a glorious day She had so much to gain But she gave it away And I want them to see something different in me And that I'm going to be free Some glad morning when this life is over I'll fly away To a home on God's celestial shore I'll fly away When I leave I want to leave a memory...

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