Jimi Hendrix' People, Hell & Angels album gives final taste of unreleased works

Jimi Hendrix' People, Hell & Angels album gives final taste of unreleased worksThe new album "People, Hell & Angels" of Jimi Hendrix was released. The record premieres twelve previously unreleased studio recordings completed by guitarist Jimi Hendrix. This will be the last album oh Jimi's unreleased studio material, according to Eddie Kramer, the engineer who recorded most of Hendrix' music. The 12 tracks were recorded in 1968-1969.

"Jimi utilized the studio as a rehearsal space," Kramer said. "That's kind of an expensive way of doing things, but thank God he did."

"People, Hell & Angels" is co-produced by Janie Hendrix, Eddie Kramer and John McDermott.

"Jimi used that time in the studio to experiment, to jam, to rehearse, and using this jam-rehearsal style of recording enabled him to try different musicians of different stripes and backgrounds, because they offered a musical challenge to him," Kramer said. "He wanted to hear music expressed with different guys who could lend a different approach to it. And as part of this whole learning curve, what emerged was this band that played at Woodstock in '69, that little concert on the hill there."

"People, Hell & Angels provides us with further insight into the genius of Jimi Hendrix", said Adam Block, President, Legacy Recordings. "Working with new rhythm sections and instrumentation, Jimi Hendrix was opening up the horizons of his music, creating new sounds filled with endless possibilities".