JIMI HENDRIX - Message Of Love

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Well, I travel at a speed,<br />

Of a reborn man.<br />

I got a lot of love to give,<br />

From the mirrors of my hand. <br />

I said a message of love,<br />

Don't you run away.<br />

Look at your heart,<br />

Come along with me today. <br />

<br />

Well I am what,I am thank you.<br />

Some people just don't understand.<br />

Find yourself first,<br />

And then your tool.<br />

Find yourself first,<br />

Don't you be no fool. <br />

<br />

Here comes a woman,<br />

Wrapped up in chains.<br />

Messin' with that fool babe,<br />

Your life is pain.<br />

If you want to be free,<br />

Come along with me.<br />

Don't mess with the man,<br />

He'll never understand.<br />

I said find yourself first,<br />

And then your talent.<br />

Work hard in your mind,<br />

So if you come alive,<br />

You better prove to the man,<br />

You're as strong as him. <br />

<br />

Everybody come alive,<br />

Everybody love alive.<br />

Everybody love alive,<br />

Everybody hear my message.

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