JIMI HENDRIX - Hear My Train a Comin

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<b>Hear My Train a Comin'</b> by <i>Jimi Hendrix</i><br />Well, I wait around the train station

Waitin' for that train

Waitin' for the train, yeah

Take me home, yeah

From this lonesome place

Well, now a while lotta people put me down a lotta changes

My girl had called me a disgrace


The tears burnin'

Tears burnin' me

Tears burnin' me

Way down in my heart

Well, you know it's too bad, little girl,

it's too bad

Too bad we have to part (have to part)


Gonna leave this town, yeah

Gonna leave this town

Gonna make a whole lotta money

Gonna be big, yeah

Gonna be big, yeah

I'm gonna buy this town

I'm gonna buy this town

An' put it all in my shoe

Might even give a piece to you

That's what I'm gonna do,

what I'm gonna do,

what I'm gonna do

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