Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko - Stay Ready

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ft. Kendrick Lamar

If you just give me 24

Man, all I need is 24 hours

I promise you'll want plenty more

You'll probably be with it forever

So how does it sound

Us on the ground

Giving you my love?

There's no place quite like here

There's no better time than now

You gotta stay ready

There's no place quite like here

There's no better time than now

That's why I stay ready

Tell me find your spot with the warning that I might slip

And when you climb on top that's the ultimate road trip

Ride on my like you’re Pac, got me thinking it's 96'

I can rap on some nineties shit, wrap your leggings around my hip

I'm so hip to it, tourists want to come speculate

But if I stay monogamous, promise this kiss will always taste like candy

And yeah, it's obvious, momma now probably can't stand me

I'm sure they're tired of this look that you have when you're antsy

We gonna fuck around, we gonna fuck around

And triple through triplets of babies right now

And that might break the record

And no, that don't mean you're fertile

That means we're fucking reckless

Plus, we don't use protection

I find myself reading our text messages when I'm bored

We find ourselves sexting to the connection, it's restored

I know that sounds immature, but if we never grow up

Then I wish you good luck on the seas that's inside this wall

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