Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko - My Mine

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yeah, yeah yeah yeah

yeahh, yeahh, yeahh, ehh, ehhh


memories sinkin, deep in, leakin, in my mine

all of the time, tried to forget you

thought i could get you to be mine

memories sinkin, deep in, leakin, in my mine

all of the time, i can't forget to

try to forget you in my mind

verse 1:

pretendin I have the patience

pretendin there is enough time for waiting

rememberin when we kept it all basic

i want to go back so bad i can taste it

what do i care for? you are not there anymore

i was not careful, that is all your fault

you let me fall


verse 2:

buried alive here, inside a nightmare, living a life where, you're gone

there is no light here, it will be lightyears, until my minds clear, you're gone

i did it all for love, i did it all, I'd trade it all for ya, I'd trade it all

but what do i care for? what are you here for? if you're not there when i call

i was not careful, and it's all your fault, you let me fall



this ain't how it's sposed to be, you and me supposed to be

'member when it be, just you and me in your crib smoking trees

you took control of me, you had a hold of me

had me so gone, baby yeah you had me givin' all of me

and now it's all over, it's all done, shoulda never told ya, you the one

i'll be alright, i will be just fine, i'll be okay once you get out my mind


in my mind, in my mind

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