Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko - B's & H's

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You are such a man

You got the whole world in ur hands

But u be playin'

Fuckin' all the girls she can’t stand


Bitches and hoes

So many bitches and hoes

But they don’t know

I bet they don’t even know, oh

That u live in her home

Eatin' all of her food

She be payin' ur bills

Buyin' all of ur clothes

And she pay for ur phone

You be thinkin' u on

But u ain’t shit friend

Did u pick up ur kids?

She be watchin' ur kids


You gon’ fuck around and find out

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Oh yeah, u gon’ fuck around and find out


You gon’ fuck around and find out

(Verse 2)

It does not get better

You cannot do better

And u will regret it

Oh yeah, u gon' fuck around and find yoself by yoself

Find yoself, that might help

Traded it all in for, messin' with all of ur




You got, you got so

You got so many, u got so many

You got too many, u got too many

You got soft

That type of shit u be doin'

That's some weak shit that u on

These bitches don't got no feelings

They don't got no senses

They don't got no soul (don't got no soul)

You know that I'm right and u know that u wrong

Runnin' round luvn' these hoes

Runnin' round thinkin' these women is at ur disposal

That is a no-no-no

Just so u know know know

There is a difference between a woman, a bitch, and a hoe-oh-oh

Switch up the flow-ow-ow

Niggas, let's talk about all these niggas

They be the main ones be tripping

They be the main ones be actin' like bitches and hoes

Yeah u know that I know

Off the top of the dome

Better than any bitch that came before me

Who are u kiddin'? Yo whole swag is stolen

U know that u owe me

Yeah I am the only one, I am the chosen one

Yeah, I am the chosen one

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