Jet Life

Jet Life - Young Ballers

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Hit the money, nigga

Get the money, nigga

Hit the money, nigga


Look, when I hit the block, it was in the red drop-top

Loud pipes, nice rims, homie, that's how I rock

If you wouldn't see me then, I bet you could see me now

You niggas ain't makin' noise(?), you tellin' us we too loud

Don't make me use my capoeira, you should know I'm a soldier

Raised uptown, marinated up in Manoey

Live my life in the streets, I gotta keep it G

Can't be broke, gotta get it by all means

I gotta fold with it, put it in my hands

I'mma show you what I'mma do with it

I wanna hustle, it's so natural, I'm gonna flip it

Catastrophe if you're after me

I'm gon' get it, you betta lay low, woolie

Everyday they got another story

Bout another nigga bein' took out his glory

Look, I'mma do me like this bitch I'm with

Neva get tired of this pimpin' shit

I got the block sowed up with this audio deep

If you eva in the city, come holla at me

Last of a dyin' breed, still on this earth

It seems like all the real muthafuckas got murked

And if it's not that then they locked up in the can

How I can gonna get this fuckin' money, y'all don't understand

Just tryna have a Rarri and tryna cop a Lamb

Pull up on a muthafucka like what's happenin'

Toes, they be tryin' to get the best of me

Don't be askin' all em questions standin' next to me

I'mma kick it how I kick it cuz it keep me payed

And you can't hang with us tho cuz you got bitch ways

Watch we cut up on niggas just like a swish blade

Only thang left to do is roll up and get payed

Yeah, I'm a real nigga, I promise to neva fold

Break ? my niggas and stick to the G code

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