Jet Life

Jet Life - Why You Hating

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Still life



Nigga, we handle business

Jet Life be the clique

We gettin' mo' with nothin' but real shit

Let you know why I do what I gotta do

I suggest you to not take me out my coupe

Check, they got a lot niggas who would die for this shit

And I wasn't taught by the best, so how could I forget?

And if you look to yo left, you'll prolly see yo bitch

Don't start no shit, it won't be no shit

Nigga, believe me! Can't let them hatin' that shit

And you seen my cheezy, and I can go to the jeweler

And tell him 'freeze me'!

Shit, I think I deserve it, all of this workin'

Got my shine on you haters for certain

Couple hitters, they lurkin', ride round in subrubans

Daddy(?) got it on his mind, ready to put that work in

They shouldn't not played with em, he brought them kids with em

And when you see that boy, he gon' put that lead in 'em

Nigga, that's how it be when you turn yo whole life ova to the streets

Tuck my shit in cuz I know you niggas sleep

And wonder when it'd be too late

I'm bout to eat real good, here to make a plate

Jet life, comin' through, so get out the way

We ain't gon' stop hustlin' till it's all rabid

Damn, playa, why you gotta hate me?

Cuz I done ballin' black shit, don't phase me


(Verse 2)

Look, ridin' on 20s, got the Benz with the frog eyes

Big Mac, I don't fuck with small fries

Pull up on yo bitch like 'hoe, you betta recognize'

Kill niggas cuz I'm all the way like

Young playa why you hatin' when I'm statin' you see me comin' down?

They lookin' aggravated when they see me shine

Your eyes on the prize, know you lookin' at the best

She use to want more, now she settlin' for less

And rollin' all my drugs, smoke it up, now she show me love

But got a name, meet her at the club

And IDed her by her IG

Too many wanna try me, that bullshit will have ya hooked yo IVs

Know how I be: low-key posted in the cut

I ain't trippin' if it ain't about a buck

Was made in the city, got payed in the H

A couple bitches barkin', had to put em in they place

Back on the interstate, you know you gotta move with the money

Might starve(?) but know that ain't shit funny

I'm all about the rich, you betta learn how to take em

Don't talk about moves if you ain't about to make em

And I'm gettin' em dollas, I'm talkin' ? and palace

I'm still serious, havin' things with some ?

Told the boys I'm a scholar, harsh day makin' the graves

Passin' with flyin' colors, I got the candy on blaze


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