Jet Life

Jet Life - Water lyrics

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Whole team ride and my whole team ride


Uh, I got 25 lighters on my dresser

I had a shoot-out once, I'll do it twice

Don't you test me!

I felt sick, I'm sneezing on the trap, God bless me

My neighbor lost a son to a bullet, God help her

My rap sheet clean but all my homies felons

I be gone so hard, should I finish now or neva

I got a black queen like keyshia hoephobetic

Her last man hatin' and my old hoe jealous

What's the recipe to kill these beats, I neva tell it

Then I turn my momma crib to a tele

Fell in love with this one bad bitch, her name was Marry

Introduced her to my bro, told my mom I'm gettin' married

Everybody tellin' tales, Liar Liar - Jim Carey

A skinny ass nigga, in the streets I'm hella heavy

Every time I talk that street shit they don't know about it

I don't own no Maybach, I don't own no Bugatti

All I own is an SS 96 Impala

Drive it like a Nascar, knowin' it's a long body

Wrote that Master P, I keep it G, I'm body body

All the ? call my phone cuz they know I always got it

Niggas stay fresh, stay fly like a pilot

You can find me in the cut, duffed up like I'm hidin'

Gold mat pulled up, boy that's perfect timing

Nigga fuck with ? we fuck with ? start a riot

Whole team ridin', bitch, my whole hood ridin'

Words at my nigga Jizzle, real niggas neva die

On the corner sellin' stones all day and all night


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