Jet Life

Jet Life - Too High lyrics

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[Hook: Trademark]

I only see the money surrounded by these bitches

smokin' on this killa ridin' to my engine

T-top soft I'm wildin' gettin' paper

on these niggas I gives a fuck about nada bitch I'm too high for all that

you still broke that's shit problem

bitch I'm too high for all that I hear your paper dissolving

bitch I'm too high for all that

you niggas snitchin' and talkin' bitch I'm too high for all that

I'm too high for all that bitch I'm too high for all that


Soon as we step in that spotlight them niggas know who we is

that's them niggas that live that Jet Life you heard about they whips man

all them dudes be fly as fuck nothin' less than Forgiattos

underneath the cars an truck I'm high on this ride man

never have I smoked this much it's cloudy on the inside of my whip

but I'm still smoking tough super doobies back to back

got yo bitch in here rollin' up all she do is twist and cut

when she finished with me Ima pass her to P so he could get stroked and sucked us

JLR boys don't believe in savin' sluts you bring your bitch around me you can guarantee I'm tossin' her up

Flamingo Barnes I'm the boss in the cut you ain't talkin' bout bucks then you lost what the fuck y

ou talkin that shit plus you talkin' too much I'm only concerned with the paper

I touch moneys the only thing that moves me that or a model

chick who got a twin an they both tryna do me

doobie upon doobie upon doobie till I'm smoked out you can tell

I'm gettin' paper from the way my pockets poke out


[CornerBoy P:]

I'm only concerned about my money I'm too high for that other shit

offers all on my table I'm just rollin' up to my accomplishments

5 pounds of smoke out buy a new car I paint it

you lookin' like you could afford it yeah well buy it bitch

lil nigga I'm faded sipped out she mollied out

Louis V when I loc out nigga I live in yo ho mouth

rims tucked they don't poke out

12's beat till they blow out paint lacquers get layed on my leather soft as yo grandma couch

nigga watch what you talkin' bout have them shooters outside

yo mom house Chevy frames on her front yard trust me you don't want it dog with my poker face pull yo whole card so stop frontin' I can front ya boy pictures of your sister in my phone like that bitch posing for playboy

real nigga I don't play boy Jet Life 100

all my niggas 100 Came here to spend money

50 racks on this Rollie I be damned if it ain't runnin'

fuck yo bitch on these Fendi sheets nigga call me pretty Tony


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