Jet Life

Jet Life - Sho Nuff lyrics

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Feat. Curren$y


Uh, gold yards and salines, bitch been on em things

Carry herself like a queen who could support a king

All very well, run the castle by her damn self

Put a lil more then you'll be perfect, let these hands help

That stance wealth got me movin' with a sense assurance

Women all loiterous like a sour fish swimmin' in this gorgeous mist

In the middle of November, five in the mornin'

Parked in the lot of the Staple Center

Hittin' in plain sight, she dome me up while I was on the phone

Wrappin' up some business, bookin' a flight

That type you put on yo wishlist

Them bitches you scared to get with cuz you know

She come up with hustlers pockets deeper than yo shit broke

Nigga like me, she be waitin' fo'

The way I got paper, she just tryna make me more

We in Soho, at the Bape store im like lace me hoe

Everything I wanted, even snatched a couple of hoodies for my homies

Thats how we do, I catch a bus, I put my dawgs on it

We ride until the wheels fall off it

Till the heels break, give her some rollerskates

Go get it babe, I'm perfecting my fade away

Pullin' off in that Porsche as I light the J

And if it's bout games, mane, please not today

I got a lot to do, can't bullshit with you

That ain't gon' get me payed

We tryna eat and rap up take home plates

Leave the fuckin' streets smokin' like a ashtray

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