Jet Life

Jet Life - Shine lyrics

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Ft. Curren$y


Bitches all ova you cuz the game chose ya

Ain't tame no opposure, know what you're rollin' for

In the lane like a bowling ball

In the gutter, like a bowling bounce

Sellin' bars and the chocolate wall

In the car playin' Stacey Lavi song

Job well done like a stake on the flow

Raw-az day hoe what ya say?

Back seat of the Bentley stage coach

Hearts and Carriage, bitch dawg gettin' ?

All ill advised, this year won the chalice

And the lights survived when I been established

Hurt my standards, iron lungs on the bong or the chalice

Been a long way, stand in the zone when I rap

Look at the zone, now the realest rap when I ?

Matter fact, I fear this shit is so real

Every beat I eat like it's my last fuckin' meal

Spit that shit, make you feel so rich

Cash me a card against all party in my backyard

Done worked hard for it and I got rewarded

But these niggas rather clap at me than applaud me

Want a nigga rep tarnished, but a nigga name flawless

? not a scratch on it

Gorgeous, as that tall amazon standin' by that race car

Wonder who she waitin' on for

The Don, bitch

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