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Ft. Cornerboy P


I came up from the gutter

Turn nothin' into sum'

Did my numbers all summer

Put yo cash all out front

Fuckin' right I'm frontin'

Makin' paper planes outta new hunnids

I don't know what skill(?) money is

Double up or nothin'


Lil nigga, I bossed up, so you betta watch what you sayz-aye

Cuz all we know is gunplay, and these niggas don't playz-aye

I neva had a job befo' but nigga work that kenzey

Thank the 5th got us on replay, my bus(?) local got a delay

Fuckin' right I'm stressz-aye, just meet me at the endz-aye

At the Texaco right off 16 and don't you be late

All up on my line, tryna get the line, I'm like no brain-oh

Plus trick from no make-oh(?), and only speak yo thing-oh

You gotta have the guap-oh, extra cheese on my nachos

When you got that pack, your name be hot like jalapenos

Cuban ring a kilo, Box Chevy got a 6-o

Ten benz on forgiato, fly shit only, that's my style-oh

The piece come with a plane ticket, niggas don't know my lingo

My way like Khalilo, Joe Pesci in Casino

My train spot like the Carter and I run it just like Nino

Cancel that bitch, I buy anotha one, I lease hoes

These niggas so hard, I'm ballin' hard like where my freetoes

You put her on the pedestal, I treat her like a freako

We buy em out, no lease, hoes

Niggas leach more than these hoes

I'm leanin' on like two 4s, but I'm silent like (? help me out :D)

Yo pockets on way watches, my pockets be on sumo

Nigga must be smokin' primo, thank he fuckin' with uno

I'ma ? with the you know, I pull up in that U-door

Have a clue like what's that?! I switch up then come right back

Oh, on that project pizae, on my lap is my strizae

Niggas licks I'm hatin', but seen em reachin' for ?

I don't fuck with you niggas, fUck all of you niggas

That's that shit I don't like, that's that shit be on sight

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