Jet Life

Jet Life - My Word lyrics

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Life, and I ain’t never missed a beat

I thought I been on for been a beast on these beats

But not quite is looking like the joke’s on me

And if I ain’t got next you can tell the industry is beef

Like a pussy on a 6 feet freak that shit get deep

And to the ones deceased, rest in peace

Got you, cold heart but spit fire

Apply pressure nigga with no pliers

Block burner, rider you top shotta

I got the heart of a tiger, no lion

Quiet, you know gangster move in silence

I stay d boy fresh with no stylist

They hate to see you make it from the bottom

I try to make it honest

Pass me my lighter, posted and pimping

This movie cost rivero

Just hustle till we off

And I reside in a spot called nigga ... louisiana

Y’all might never heard of that ah

Cut from a different cloth, I’m a rare breed

Real nigga and a vilain check my rap sheet

From the booth to the streets, I keep it g

I only speak on what I know, when the shit I seen

Move quiet, avoid fake niggas by all means

No stress, I stay chillin I be on ease

Loud green and the paper’s got me on lean

Me against the world when I’m on the scene

That’s my atitude when niggas act like they mad at you

For doing you, they don’t have a clue

Or maybe they expect the less of me, like I ain’t got the recipe

The destiny just let it be, I’m coming for the top nigga

I deserve a spot nigga, can’t tell me I ain’t hot nigga

But don’t get it twisted maine

Look I ain’t bitching maine, take the good with the bad nigga

Continue living, no fucks given

Look I’m still winning despite that

And I’ma keep moving just like ...

The empire strikes back.

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