Jet Life

Jet Life - Mr Marcello Game Spittas lyrics

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You growing with the game splitting

Switch it in the great grape in with the greale,

On the great, hundred braking for that form

Split it love, we keep it it playing

Hash and whore, you rolling with the head splitter

Swiches in the great vibe on that diggy here for it

Shitting love, we getting payer, nigga better get your whore

Catch your bitch nigga

Yeah running throw the city like we can’t vibe

Maner see me with your bitch on your block

The sound roof tempted and you can smell against

The niggas be hot but they won’t never last

Jack life we gotta deal with all set

Don’t fuck with the ? we get it pay

Go frame spilling game like iw as forty four

It ain’t to many I hit and go harder

Get back out the grib I’m just inhaling the smoke and trip

We go and expose

Don’t get that shit and get something new ?

Get a hundred with your bitch

Know my niggas running to and they all here to switch

Still dressing like a hustler max with them digges

Helling with the treagos shit and y’all nigga looking silly

We forever keep it G just how we was raise

Let me fuck it with the player, we ain’t never keep it G

We rolling with the game splittler, game splitter

Swiching in the great gravor, great gravor

On that forn shitting love, we keep it player nigga bang and ask your whore, ask your whore nigga

You rolling with the game splitter

Let swiches in the great van, gripping

Hold that ? splitting love keep it playing nigga

Keep it low, catch your whore, catch your bitch

All of my city you nigga know that I own it

Real balls nigga I remind the tonie

Fly throw my city, smoking on some sticky

I won’t fuck with the niggas, I don’t deal with my bitches

Yeah homie we living, and they ain’t see us

So I can’t blame it my tendors will try to be there

But I’ll be on that hot shit, surrender by ?

Me ain’t listen the beat here, probably last and beat ‘em

Most niggas don’t understand us so they feed us

Smoke the shit so loud I ain’t even hear it

But I catch this game like any ? that catch it

Triple OG boy I can teach you some lesson

Now let me step here in the ?

She ain’t right but she keep handle now for ?

Jet life, you ain’t need that cuz nigga can get use to

Bust niggas when you see us

You rolling with the game splitter

Swiching in the great graver

For the vaging and that fores

Sitting low, zip it low and better catch your whores

You rolling with the game splitter

Swicher in the great lain ? from the vanice and that form

Zip it low, we keep it play it

And nigga better show love, catch your bitch nigga

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