Jet Life

Jet Life - Intro lyrics

rate me

Not a girl around here you already know


2012 hear the jazz,

and we getting on this yall

but that be like though,

a couple of projects, you know what I'm sayin?

that good sense, what that up?

..attitude drop em in between 10 bucks

you're digesting the national our

Hip hop distribution

That's not a negative,

my nigga let's get up

yeah never..the time sayin so hear me

and lever lux,

which poppin mikey know we're grindin,

shit and the shit don't stop my nigga

We'd bout to get it to the jet or.. though

you already know my nigga

shout tout to my nigga Roddy for this mother f*cking beat man

as that third for ..connection she right there my nigga

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