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Jet Life - Feel Me lyrics

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Ft. TY

Rollin' with homicides, haulin' like rough riders

Comin' down in Impalas, crazy ova my guala

My attitude, check it, we march niggas' statement

Don't make me use this weapon right at this intersection

Coach put me in the game, I extended my reign

I'm ballin' on these niggas, Michael Jordan on these niggas

Tryna reach 6 figures, all my people got a glove

Come well respected, nigga, cuz I'm always gettin' love

I want it and you got it, I'm all in yo pocket

It's better me than the police, gonna come up off that profit

That hoe shit betta stop by the time I reach the top

We ain't cuttin' no corners, go put that pressure on it

Droppin' weight every week, puttin' that pressure on niggas

Boys betta step they game up, now they warned you

Hoes be so thirsty, someone give em some water

Oh, he's don't know?! That I be fuckin' his daughters

Feel like ?, In the beat, I get on, I slaughter

I'm a young nigga, so that mean I gotta go hard

And I do, all my shit be the truth

Really don't matter if you stay real or blue

You gon' feel me, nigga

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