Jet Life

Jet Life - Dirty Money

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Trill nigga all I ever feed was the feace

I don’t want no pussy if they don’t come with the hit

That OG keep the young boy with the hit

They will shut you with your hand leave you with the lain

They better stay on line, no more collide with me

And free my nigga lil D and free my nigga lil D

He coped the cash for me

Shout out to my brother right here

Got a ? less shit for me

And they find me bout that nigga for me and ?

He get on for some summer, shit and I ain’t even fronting

And all they ever wanted was a pocket full of money

And a bitch how got fat ass how dance even salsa

Man the shit get ugly and the ?

Let’s told with that subber, send that nigga selling bandos

My homie barely see so farther and ?

And chasing after them bitches that’s a cold motherfucker

And I just try to stay chill ti save some stumble

I came in this dirty money, they come out and nigga hustle

I always poke my mind and I ain’t never hold no ?

So they even cut that trainer, cutting wash and get away my trouble

And I just try to ball like a rustle, I bug fifty so wex feel just like my

Getting pay, my money talking, that work, my money talk

I ball whole pound and let it burn like hustle

Bad down the whole brick, back it up and straight pumping

Let my girl call my money and let me get that shit for you

I touch I few honey, hit my toast and feel it for you

I toast a few hundred til my dodgo that’s my running

Surly you shut rustle ?he will shut your ass in public

For the low price and afraid hit

I don’t give a fuck bout no como

Ain’t never had no job, and ain’t never fuck no diploma

He had the hood no fire and ?

He had the hood on fire, he a hot boy

And I ain’t nothing like the labels shut it right boy

My nigga black had a ?

If you won’t fuck boy I still fuck it with all for you

Clack it boy, had that track and hang it and they coming nonstop, boy

Trapping boy and get even more good boy

We straight fly boy, all that my dog happening ?

Damn boy the street shit that make me all a man, dog

Remember having jump, I had my ground still my ? dog

Damn boy head shut still ?

Pimp shit, talk a the bitch straight up on my banz now

Fly shit, clean nigga, never up on that bumb shit

Same try to fuck it but they try to get ?

Hood nigga for the record I don’t give a fuck nigga

All hood we some hot nigga

My nigga met a mel we so hot nigga

My cousin met more, we the hot niggas

My brother smell realer, we some hot niggas

My nigga teas stone, with some hot nigga

My nigga super stand we so hot niggas

My cousin lil Chris we so hot niggas

On that thirty four shit we some hot niggas

We some hot niggas, fly shit shame nigga, clean nigga

Never gonna bum shit

She ain’t try to fuck and get out from my truck bitch

Hood nigga, I don’t give a fuck bitch

All hood we some hot niggas

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