Jet Life

Jet Life - Caviar lyrics

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Ft. Le$


Got the world in my hands, where's yo bitch ass? Spit brass

Got a couple levels out in zip pass, get cash

Stay rollin' hot, that's word to Riff Raff

Neva no joke, baby boy, let my shit pass

Time-bomb, guess I been takin' this time to blow

OG, top of the line, these niggas knock off

Came up straight from the bottom, how could I not ?

Talkin' fundamentals, but niggas want it hot sauce

Make it look good but prolly neva make it

Now they on the side-line, comentatin', hatin'

I done told em this my time now

And I done been patient

Been at the cut a while now and I done been waitin'

Waitin' is on deck, next semester, death threat

Murderin' these clowns, dawg, I'm at the game's neck

I always wondered how so many of these lames get respect?

Even worse, how the fuck do these lames get a check, man?

(Hook break)

(Verse 2)

Bought the FUBU back, sweat shorts and white 1s

Lookin' like I'm gettin' money in 2001

With that madbangin' dipset, just ridin' with vets

Bout to make a food run, stay trappin' some fish

Got this on my sonar, way before you would trip

Fuck these niggas and pussies, this just the way that I feel

I had to chuckle and laugh when they singin' they betta

Nigga hard to read, Mayweather, undefeated in this rap shit

Couldn't match a flow with a hustle, why ? you say it

But you suckas in trouble, so get the fuck on the double

Shook niggas Barley Saunders in my lane

Ellie Dolla, muthafucka, everyday

We pull up on yo set, betta know the game's ova

I'm chillin' with em nines, and he ball like he balla

Throwin' dirt on yo soakers, got the whole game goin' to a crisis

Tell em niggas we the rap game ?

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