Jet Life

Jet Life - Boost Mobile

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This for my niggas how got a mouth full of goals

Right here my nigga

On the trill nigga to hab on this beat after me, my nigga

On the real niggas better have all this bear after me my nigga


I flow water, baby bouche

I swear this dumn niggas on his cliché

But dumb boys know that they right, dumb boys they know they real

No I speak crap, dumb boys know what it is

Alright let me stop fucking around and hold me down from my set

Every since rock the road that man calling me the trofe

I use to have a houpie to spin alone his cube

I finely got a Iphone to hit this BT buse

But it make me hella money, boy my shut blocks the prof

I grow up in a hole when niggas rapping so roaf

Well own hole lot of rib but still I have uncle Snoop

Ain’t never clear thugs I always try to play to cool

But if this mother fucking me then with this motherfucker you

And I try to school that nigga, it’s crazy

Cuz they ain’t listen

They probably way to broke, way to broke to pay attention

This hard to talk shit, way to busy belly my business

Been humble way too long now I’m stunning on them bitches

It’s me against the world, shit I’m such o broke nigga

And during summer it’s gonna be a cold …

A different road on the night, that’s what you call pimping

This roar tell me that a got a number God giving

The bumb ht that she give she can judge niggas

A boss nigga running from my dogs nigga

They try to put me on and I go off nigga

Up straight off nigga, talking ‘bout G on nigga

I might e too real for main street

And try to keep that rap she came but they don’t feel me the way they made

My people got to eat ‘em, try to touch some nigga cheese

I got a bitch that’s on my hips, she hustle just like me

Remember that one night they try to murder a boy

Remember being want and be searching for

They say they got a sail, no ?

My homies got some pounds on some birds form

My eyes cherry all like my ?

I remember possing up getting that ?

Can they say halla bake, don’t you take too long

Be back in 24 hours, that’s what I do boy

Cuz I ain’t never be no dug baby, no bitch, no fuck nigga

I do the shit for my hood nigga, my blood niggas, don’t compare

Then cups nigga, ‘em brokes nigga, ‘em black boys, you know

And keep ‘em tools on ‘em

Hey you know I kept that tool on me

I can’t lie, thank God for that motherfucker Boost mobile

This gonna be round and round smoke ?

Talking ‘bout nigga mad on ‘em

Bumping that style beat

And he round to the sea

Don’t believe me just ask somebody nigga

Life, slow water, bbay buche

That time to introduce them to heir bouche

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