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Jeremy Camp - Perfect Love lyrics

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If perfect luv would cast out fear

Then here I am, Lord, drawin' near


Days have come, days have gone

I know 1 thing is sure

Hangin' on by the words of Your promise, Lord

You are good, you are true, even in my pain


And I’m thankful for this sufferin'

Cuz it’s brought me right here on my knees


If perfect luv casts out fear

Then here I am, Lord, drawing near

I’m crying out & You hear my prayer

I feel the depth of how much You care

In Your perfect luv, You are perfect luv

(Verse 2)

I’m wide awake, wide awake

Now my eyes can see

All the hope, all the plans that you have for me

I count in joy ever time I am in this place


And I’m thankful for this sufferin'

It’s deepened every part of me



I cast my cares, cast my cares

On Your altar Lord (always, always)

Cuz You are good, You are good

And Your love endures (always, always)

I will rest, I will rest

In Your perfect luv (always, always)

There’s no mo' fear, no mo' fear

In Your presence Lord


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