Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman - The One Dollar Thought

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You wake up so early

Fresh snow on the window

Two feet meet the cold floor

To pick up the rainbow

Of yesterdays commercials and mail

A bright and colourful tail

As silent as santa

You reach out your antenna

To paint my mood

And I will work for food

But I would die

For your love

You say you'll give me

A dollar to know

What I'm thinking of

You show me your currencies

Euros and dollars

Your eyes like a baby's

Reflecting the colours of

Presidents and scientists

You say you wanna be

A one dollar bill

When you've seased to exist

And if that is the value

Of something invaluable

Then maybe I can afford

Your love

I stood on your balcony

And watched the sea

You deserve someone better

Than a bum like me

So I cracked a one dollar thought

You say "honey, that's a lot"

Well duh, it's the value

Of something invaluable

And I will never afford your love

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