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Jeff Wayne - War Of The Worlds (Part 4 / Final) lyrics

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We're gonna’ build a whole new World for ourselves

Look they clap eyes us and were dead right?

So we gotta’ make a new life where they'll never find us

You know where?


You should see it down there - hundreds of miles of drains

Sweet and clean now after the rain, dark, quiet, safe

We can build houses and everything start again from scratch

And what's so bad about living underground eh?

It's not been so great living up here

If you want my opinion

#Take a look around you at the World we've come to know

Does it seem to be much more than a crazy circus show?

But maybe from the madness something beautiful will grow

In a brave new world

Whith just a hand full of men

We'll start - we'll start all over again! - all over again! - all over again! - all over again!

We'll build shops and hospitals and barracks

right under their noses, right under their feet.

Everything we need - bank's, prisons and schools...

We'll send scouting parties to collect books and stuff

And men like you will teach the kids

Not poems and rubbish- science

So we can get everything working

We'll build villages and towns and.... and.....

We play each other at cricket!

Listen maybe one day we'll capture a fighting machine eh?

Learn how to make 'em ourselves and then wallop!

Our turn to do some wiping out!

Whoosh with our Heat Ray! - Whoosh!

And them running and dying, beaten at their own game!

Man on top again!

# Now our domination of the Earth is fading fast

And out of the confusion the chance has come at last

To built a better future from the actions of the past

In a brave new World

With just a handfull of men

We'll start all over again!

# Look! - Man is born in freedom but he soon becomes a slave

I cages of convention from cradle to the grave

The weak fall by the wayside but strong will be saved!

In a brave new World

With just a handfull of men

We'll start all over again!

# I'm not trying to tell you what to be

Oh no!, oh no! not me...

But if mankind is to survive

The people left alive

They're gonna’ have to build this World anew

And it's going to have to start with me and you!


# I'm not trying to tell you what to be

Oh no!, oh no! not me...

But if mankind is to survive

The people left alive

They're gonna’ have to build this World anew

Yes and we, will have to be, the chosen few!

# Just think of all the poverty the hatred and the lies

And imagine the destruction of all that you despise

Slowly from the ashes the Phoenix will arise!

In a brave new World

With just a handfull of men

We'll start all over again!

# Take a look around you, at the World you've loved so well

And bid the ageing empire of man a last farewell

It may not sound like Heaven... but at least it isn't Hell...

It's a brave new World

With just a handfull of men

We'll start! - we'll start all over again!

All over again! - all over again! - all over again!


Can't you just see it?

Civilization starting all over again - a second chance

We'll even build a railway and tunnel to the coast

Go there for our holidays!

Nothing can stop men like us

I've made a start already.

Come on down here and look


In the cellar was a tunnel scarcely ten yards long

That had taken him a week to dig

I could have dug that much in a day , and I suddenly

had my first inkling of the gulf between his dreams and powers


It's doing the workin' and the thinkin' that wears a feller out

I'm ready for a bit of rest

How about a drink eh?

Nothing but Champagne now I'm the boss


We drank and then he insisted upon playing cards

With our species on the edge of extermination

With no prospect but a horrible death

We actually played games

Later he talked more of his plan

But I saw flames flashing in the deep blue night

Red weed glowing , tripod figures moving distantly

And I put down my Champagne glass

I felt a traitor to my kind

And I knew I must leave this strange dreamer


# Take a look around you at the World we've come to know

Does it seem to be much more than a crazy circus show

Maybe from the madness something beautiful will grow .....



There were a dozen dead bodies on Houston Road

Their outlines softened by the black dust

All was still. houses locked and empty, shops closed...

But looters had helped themselves to wine and food

And outside a jewelers some gold chains and a watch

were scattered on the pavement




I stopped , steering towards the sound

It seemed as if that mighty desert of houses had found a voice for his fear and solitude




The desolating cry worked upon my mind

The wailing took possession of me

I was intensely weary, foot so, hungry and thristy

Why was I wandering alone in this city of the dead?

Why was I alive?

When London was lying in state in its black shroud

I felt intolerably lonely, drifting from street to empty street, drawn inexorably towards that cry




I saw, over the trees on Primrose Hill the fighting machine from which the howling came

I crossed Regents Canal

There stood a second machine, upright, but as still as the first.




Abruptly the sound ceased

Suddenly ,the desolation ,the solitude became unendurable

While that voice sounded ,London had still seemed alive

Now suddenly there was a change the passing of something

And all that remained was this gaut quiet

I looked up, and saw a third machine

It was erect and motionless, like the others

An insane resolve possessed me

I would give my life to the Martians here and now

I marched recklessly towards the Titan

and saw that a multitude of black birds

was circling and clustering about the hood

I began running along the road

I felt no fear, only a wild trembling exultation

As I ran up the hill towards the motionless monster

Out of the hood hung red shreds

At which the hungry birds now pecked and tore

I scrambled up to the crest of Primrose Hill

And the Martian's camp was below me

A mighty space it was, and scattered about it,

in their overturned machines where the Martians

DEAD...slained after all man's devices had failed

by the humblest things upon the Earth

Bacteria. Minute, invisible, bacteria!

Directly the invaders arrived and drank and fed

our microscopic allies attacked them

From that moment they were doomed

The torment was ended

The people scattered over the country

desperate, leaderless ,starved...

The thousands who had fled by sea

-including the one most dear to me -

all would return

The pulls of life growing stronger and stronger would beat again

As life returns to normal

the question of another attack from Mars causes universal concern. Is our planet safe? or is this time of peace merely a reprieve?

It may be that, across the immensity of space they have learned their lessons and even now await their opportunity.

Perhaps the future belongs not to us ,but to the Martians...


Pasadena Control:

It's looking good!

It's going good!

We're getting great pictures here at NASA Control Pasadena!

The landing-craft touched down on Mars

twenty-eight Kilometers from the aim-point

We're looking at a remarkable landscape

littered with different kind of rocks! - red, purple...

How 'bout that Bermuda?

Bermuda Control:


Look at the dune-field!

Pasadena Control:

Hey wait!

I'm getting a no-go signal

Now I'm losing one of the craft

Hey Bermuda you getting it?

Bermuda Control:

No, I lost contact

There is a lot of dust blowing up there

Pasadena Control:

Now I've lost the second craft

We got problems

Bermuda Control:

All contact lost Pasadena!

Maybe the antenna's...-

Pasadena Control:

What's that flare?

You see it?

A green flare, coming from Mars!

Kind of a green mist behind it!

It's getting closer

You see it Bermuda?

Come in Bermuda!

Houston come in!

What's going on?

Tracking station forty-three Canberra

Come in Canberra!

Tracking station sixty-three

Can you hear me Madrid?

Can anybody hear me?

Come in!

Come in!!


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